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The Seed

Our wish is to plant a seed.
A seed about sustainable living.
A seed that grows into an urban forest.


PROJEKT : Tävlingsbidrag för Solar Decathlon i Versaille 2014.
TYP : Projekt på Masternivå, 8′e terminen.
OM : The main idea behind the design of the house is to address major issues concerning the modern way of life. At the same time it remediates the urban environment and acts as a green vein in the city, where awareness about sustainable living can grow. Every unit built is a seed that is planted for the creation of an urban forest. A forest that promotes ecological awareness, independence and increased social equality. It is a construction able to adapt to its surroundings, just like an organic tree would and it can be shaped by the needs of the residents to a certain extent. It also allows a symbiotic existence between the human factor and the ecosystem, re-inviting the indigenous fauna to the inner core of the urban environment, where they once resided. The whole construction process has been thought of holistically and parallel to principles of sustainable development in a way to minimize its carbon footprint throughout its total lifecycle. From its design until its demolition. It is a structure designed to be cheap, fast and easily built, wherever is required and for whatever reason. The use of it varies from temporary lodgings for immigrants and war refugees, victims in post catastrophic urban areas to younger generations that searches for a new alternative and sustainable way of life. The focus of the fabrication strategy for the building is to eliminate, as much as possible, the negative impact arising by conventional construction techniques and materials as well to minimize the waste products that could result from the same procedure.

Charlotte Erdegard (Projektledare Semrén&Månsson Göteborg)
Jonas Lundberg (Studioledare och grundare av Urban Future Organization)
Magnus Persson (Studiolektor)
Stig-Anton Nielsen (Teknisk vägledare)

Philip Hettinger
Daniela Gonzales
Filip Karlén
Marcus Stark
Panos Giannakopolous
Francesca Carboni
Thomas Tkacenka
Gustav Johansson
Mariya Hasamova
Mariana Paolucci
Viktor Isaksson