Architectural Portfolio | Viktor Isaksson | BSc. THESIS STUDENT HOUSING


This is a new form of dynamic collective system…

PROJECT : Navet Student Housing
TYPE : Bachelors of Science (BSc) degree thesis project.
TUTORS : Mark Ochel, Johanna Gullberg, Johan Berglund.
EXAMINATOR : Peter Kjaer, UMA-2012.
ABOUT: Made in the spring semester of 2012. Student collective housing.
Main project software: ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Photoshop, Sketchup, In-Design, Illustrator.

PRECONDITIONS: Umeå is a city of bicycling students. Currently there’s a need for  ~7000 student apartments. There’s an annual shift of 20’000 who’re moving to/from Umeå, this results in a vibrant 2′nd hand market all year around.

HOUSING PROGRAMME: This project is therefore a student housing project which is specifically tuned to the needs of young adults. Like the nave in a bicycle, the core reaches out to the wheel. This is seen in its strategic placement in Umeå with a closeness to important nodes such as the university campuses, the two cheapest supermarkets, the best gyms, forests, bicycle paths and different options of commuting. It is also seen in its internal layout sequence where adaptations have been made for the growing group of students who’re young parents! This group is growing because of financial depression. If desired, they can take turns watching eachothers children while studying thanks to the internal structure of Navet. This is due to the livingrooms which are lockable from the inside of each housing cell. In vivo this means that if all of these doors are open it would become one large collective (please see plan view of living floor level-1).

This is a new form of dynamic collective system which can internally grow and shrink daily from 16 separate households to one large or several smaller collectives depending on the wish of the inhabitants.

PHASE-1 SUGGESTIONSAlso at the bottom of the building there is a 2′nd hand café where the furnitures and items used in the café bussiness are also for sale. For example meaning, if you like the chair that you are using in this café, you could buy it cheaply after you’ve drank your coffee.

The student collectives in the floors up above the café could potentially function as storage for the 2′nd hand café by lending out their sales items for the inhabitants above. The deal would be that ”You could borrow furniture for free from the café in return for that they could sell it at any time if there’s room for it in the store below. Please see plan view of the café for further explanations in diagrammatic form.